Case Study - New Life Church Letchworth

New Life Church Letchworth came to Wingit in need of a fresh website to help further their mission and reach as a church.

Using their existing WordPress setup and WordPress theme, we set about building a fresh website for them, working back and forth with their team, building the pages and content sections, looking carefully for how elements would interact.

As part of the website, we built a new ‘Talks’ section which would showcase their Sunday messages in audio and video form.

Their website remains in constant review with New Life regularly sending through content changes, and remains the centrepiece of their communication to their church congregation and the outside world.

Old logo
New logo designed by Wingit

As part of updating their content, it was essential that they presented themselves visually in contemporary and vibrant way.

We rebranded the church, by designing their logo, colour schemes and general visual identity and ensured that this was reflected across the website and additional media and content being created.

We also visited on-site to photograph their activities and used a range of our photos throughout the new website as well as being used on social media.  We tried to gain photos that really told the story of the people and the life of the church.

It’s so important to avoid the ‘stock photograph’ feel of many other websites and let the real story, life and energy of an organisation come through the website.

A selection of photos taken by Wingit

New Life Church Letchworth remained committed to presenting themselves as a dynamic, contemporary and energetic church.

We began to develop images and graphics to compliment their Sunday presentations – graphics that would serve as Youtube thumbnails, Powerpoint slides and social media posts and unite the theme of the week under a common ‘brand’.

New Life would provide some simple ideas of what they wanted, and Wingit was given freedom to develop the ideas into the graphic as shown below.

Sunday theme graphics designed by Wingit

As Covid-19 hit during 2020, churches across the world had to begin to bring their content online instead of having in-person services.

New Life Church Letchworth began to develop their online content further, delivering regular video content to their congregation which was delivered through their Youtube channel as well as their website.

To expand and improve their visual output even further, we began to develop some short ‘video stings’ that would front each of the Sunday’s content.

These ‘video stings’ would provide a unique visual flavour to the content, often reflecting the tone and feel of the given week’s message.  A few examples are shown below.

Short 'video stings' created by Wingit

Amongst the vastly varied requests for new and innovative content, Wingit Creative has constantly stepped up to the mark and delivered for New Life Church Letchworth. No matter what the challenge, we’ve endeavoured to delivery quality work at all times, elevating New Life’s external presentation and helping them to deliver on their goals and aims as a church.  We’ve revelled in being a ‘multi-function tool’, able to solve problem and create solutions on all levels. We continue to enjoy a great ongoing working relationship with New Life Church Letchworth and are ready to “make it better” whenever we’re called upon!

"Jonny has been an incredible asset to us as he helped rewrite and redesign our website, created new logos and shot promotional photographs. He has been reliable and prompt in answering queries and a vital help along the way. We would highly recommend Jonny's service - not only does he do great work, but he is a great person to work with."

Joel Tarbutton - New Life Church Letchworth